Your Training Made Every Difference in His Entrance into this World

I gave birth to my son last night...

My water broke at 10 am and by 11:30 the midwives Amy and Sarah arrived. The contractions had been 3-5 minutes apart until they arrived and I began to visualize the outline we discussed for my preferred birth that you had given me in our last session. The amazing thing is I have walked myself through the hypno-birth so many times and it is nearly exactly what happened. As we had discussed I had a good night’s rest after a nice evening with Gabe. We were close and in tune and just in the middle of making out – with the intention of helping the baby come faster when my water broke. We were asking the baby to come because he was 2 days past due and my best friend Angelina had arrived and was ready to help out with birth and post-partum support. The house was clean and in order and we all had a nice breakfast together while I had my surges.

So once the midwives had arrived, I was 4 cm dilated and entered into active birthing. I put myself under and lost track of time, asking for what I needed – water, ice, massage, food, a hand to hold through a surge until 4:30. I had asked for so much massage that Amy was concerned I was having back labor, so she checked the position of the baby and he needed to be turned. She also asked to check me at that point and I was 8 cm and said that she could turn him manually. So I asked to go into the tub and I started getting the urge to bear down but I needed to go even deeper into my training because I was concerned for the baby and I wasn’t going to allow any fear to enter my mind. Gabe was right there with me, sending me and the baby love. I spoke to the baby and asked him to come down and I told him what we needed him to do. By 6 pm I felt him coming down and starting to turn but still my back hurt. Amy listened to his heart and said it was time to get him out. At this point I was starting to lose my breath. They put an oxygen mask on me and asked me to come out of the tub. I have to explain that even though there was urgency to the situation, the room was calm and I was peaceful considering the intensity of what the baby and I need to do. I just kept saying ‘I love you baby, come down” before Amy said he really needed me to push with all my strength. I had been hoping that while I was in the tub, he would find his own way, but I released my attachment to that expectation (I didn’t want to push, I had really wanted my tissues to unfold and keep my perineum intact) but I got on the birthing stool with the deepest resolve to get him here safely. I got on the birthing stool and simultaneously left the planet and went deep on my son. All of my sensations were love, and he was born after 15 minutes of pushing.

We have not decided on a name, but as you know his middle name is Wonder. Wonder was born healthy and strong after 8 hours 50 minutes of labor. He weighed 8.6 ounces, 20 ½ inches long, and look just like Gabe. He cried for an hour telling us his journey before becoming very clear and in tune with each of us. Gabe immediately bonded, the midwives called him the baby whisperer because anytime he held Wonder, Wonder melted. Gabe has been attentive and caring and active in anticipating both of our needs. I am so happy that our family has had such a smooth transition out of pregnancy into Wonder’s first day of life.

I have to say I couldn’t have done this without you. Everyone was so impressed with my preparedness mentally and emotionally and physically as well. Thank you for everything. We love you. Kate

Kate Earl, American singer-songwriter