Are You Looking to Enjoy + Prepare For A Successful and Empowering Natural Birth?

But do you feel right now:


Highly anxious about how you think the birth is going to be like?

Gripped by sky-high anxiety and fear as a result from your experience of your previous traumatic birth? #TimeToChangeItUp

Maybe you just don’t feel ‘ready’ (and feel like you never will) to give birth and worry about all the worst case scenarios in birth?


Or perhaps, you simply want to have a step-by-step guide and mentor to properly prepare you and your partner for your most intimate and precious pregnancy, and your dream birth, giving you all the answers to your questions, concerns and worries, and put you in the perfect mindset for the most beautiful birth possible? #YouCanHaveItALL

If you said ‘yes’ to anyone of these questions, then you are in the right place!

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From our initial meeting with Marie-Paul, we knew she was a perfect fit for our birth team. Being that we were expecting our first child, neither of us had any idea what to expect in the delivery room, but knew we wanted a natural birth (if possible) and felt that Marie-Paul as our doula would help facilitate that goal. Boy were we fortunate! Even though all of the childbirth education classes we took during the pregnancy were helpful and informative, when the time actually came and active labor kicked into full gear, everything we thought we knew went out the window in a big hurry.

My nerves were a wreck and breathing became a little unsteady while my husband frantically dialed Marie-Paul’s number in hopes she’d arrive before the baby did. Within minutes she was at our door and put us both at ease. Marie-Paul gave me the confidence and assurance I needed to get my breathing and focus back on track and reminded my husband of some techniques he could use to help me during the rest of the labor. After almost 16 hours, our son was born and although I’m almost certain he would have been born with or without Marie-Paul at our side, my husband and I feel an enormous weight was lifted off our shoulders allowing us to take the entire experience one contraction at a time.

I feel that if I learned anything from having Marie-Paul as our doula, it was that we all have a journey we’d like to plan for, and it’s usually good to have a map or a general idea of where we’re going. Ultimately though, life has a way of throwing in curves and it’s always good to have someone who’s been down a similar path before and who’s sole purpose isn’t to teach us to avoid those curves, but to face them and simply hold our hand beginning to end to get through them. Thank you Marie-Paul, for your love, support and belief in us (even when we wondered if WE could believe in ourselves)...
— Tera Johnson-Swartz, Massage therapist Berlin Wellness Group & Michael Swartz

Whether it’s your first or third birth, you’ve been bombarded with difficult birth stories told by well-meaning family, friends, and even health professionals; these images have been reinforced and made real by books, films and TV.


You have been conditioned to think that childbirth equals pain. #FearTensionPainConnection


You’ve been conditioned to think that labor is something that you simply have to ‘grin and bear’ through.

You’ve been conditioned to think that you and your partner don’t know what’s best, and not to trust your natural birthing instinct. #TrustYourself


You’ve been taught to doubt that you, and your partner, can actually communicate with your baby, and deeply bond together, as well as help your baby’s development before, as well as after the birth. Hint: there’s now scientific proof to support it.


But your heart is telling you it doesn’t have to be this way.


Perhaps you’ve heard a voice inside that keeps whispering, ‘It doesn’t have to be this way. I want more for my baby, I want more for me, my partner…’

Or maybe you’re feeling the mix of anticipation and fear, you want to give your baby the best natural birth possible- but you haven’t figured out how to get rid of your anxiety?








Imagine how it would feel to give your sweet baby the best possible start in your womb, and at his or her birth.


Imagine how rewarding and comforting it would feel

to be able to give your partner the warrior base of knowledge and tools, so that you can work together in birthing your beautiful baby together, producing deeper bonds and attachment, not only through labor and delivery, but beyond. #BestBirthingPartnerEver


Imagine how it would feel to pinpoint any fears, concerns or anxiety,

and then clear out negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as shed your mind of conscious and sub-conscious negative habits, attitudes and patterns ready for a positive birth experience that you, and your loved ones, will cherish.


Imagine how it would feel to have a full toolkit

from visualization, NLP, guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques to create and control your body's own natural anesthesia response reducing your pain and allowing you to fully experience the joy and beauty of your child's birth, as well as to radically shorten it. #IntensityNotPain


Imagine all of this and more - because it’s possible.

You can feel your best. You can feel strong and healthy in your body. You can feel happy in your heart, connected and nurtured to your unborn baby. You can feel calm, centered and armed with the mental focus to have the birth YOU want, as well as be ready for any eventualities - you’ll also be ready for the reward, and the phenomenal feeling of achieving bringing your little miracle into the world. 


Since you already have had this incredible, euphoric birth, bursting with the fullest bonding and attachment, your job now is to just love on your baby and family! You feel so proud of your labor and birth without medications or unnecessary interventions, and you can’t wait to share with everyone how it’s possible, and it’s not luck, it’s the right preparation.


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How do I start preparing my mind and body before the birth?

What steps do I need to take to clarify exactly what I would like my birth to be like?

How do I go about making the right decisions about my labor and birth that will help me feel like my body is capable of doing this? What if I need extra support and guiding hand during my labor?


The first couple of hours are precious and crucial moments of my, my partners, and my baby's life. Who will remain with you, us, assist us through it all, and where needed, act as our advocate so that we can create an optimal calm and peaceful environment throughout this special time?


Well, I can answer those questions and more, as well as empower you with the ‘know how’, techniques, and support to welcome your child into the world in a loving, relaxing, and nurturing way.

I want you to have the best, brightest, healthiest and beautiful pregnancy and birth. That’s why I created this program. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and the support, care and coaching are unparalleled.


The EasyBirthing + Doula Immersion Program is my one-on-one, do-it-together, personalized, coaching and birth doula service that will takes you through your journey of pregnancy, labor and birth, and ensures the fullest bonding, attachment, and nurturing with your unborn baby, as well as to the encouragement of your baby’s maximum potential brain development, leading to the easiest, most exhilarating, euphoric, and blissful birth.


here are practical skills, and critical knowledge you need to know in order to have a safe, comfortable, joyful, natural birth.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.


And definitely no reason to do it alone.

I’ve helped hundreds of parents-to-be have the fullest bonding pregnancy experience, followed by the most incredible and beautiful births- easier, more comfortable, and shorter.

Now it’s your turn.

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I consider hiring Marie-Paul Baxiu as my birthing instructor one of the best decisions of my life. She is much more than just a teacher, she is a person that wholly believes in what she does and infects positive energy to everyone and everything around her. She is extremely knowledgeable and very effective as a hypnotherapist, doula and childbirth educator. She taught my husband and I everything we needed to know to prepare for our birth and trust the natural birth process. I cannot say enough about how she went out of her way to answer questions and provide the support needed to guide us through the uncertainties and angst that accompany a pregnancy and birth.

Marie-Paul was there even when it wasn’t in the plan. My water broke at 36 weeks; I had to go to UCLA Hospital where I spent the night without much happening. She showed up as soon as we called and assisted me in getting into labor after a whole night spent in the hospital without any movement/contraction or sign of labor. We needed to make the birth of our child as unforgettable as possible, and she was there to make sure it happened. We only stayed in the hospital one night following the birth because the baby was strong and didn’t have to go to the ICU since no medical interventions occurred or drugs were used. It was a totally un-medicated birth! Her hypnosis techniques helped me relax and focus throughout my pregnancy and assisted me during labor and birth.

I felt empowered by the way Marie-Paul fed my emotions and self-esteem, making me believe that I was capable of anything and then at the end proving to me that this was true. Marie-Paul made my birth experience comfortable and provided a warm, nurturing environment despite the hospital setting. She mothered me and kept me focused on the reward. I am happy to say that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the UCLA Medical Center on June 21, 2008 without the intervention of any drugs. It is an experience that has changed my life forever. Without a doubt, Marie-Paul is doing what she was destined to do. This is her life calling.
— Karina Amaya, Residency Administrator of the Dept. of Psychiatry at UCLA, and Alfredo Amaya, Project Manager with a Security Equipment Manufacturer

 My Dream Clients:


The mom-to-be who wants to learn to communicate, and deeply bond with her baby, as well as help her baby’s development, before, and after the birth.


The mom-to-be, who wants to empower, and work closely with her baby’s daddy, during the pregnancy and birth, to both benefit from strong bonding, as well as give him the tools to create mammal bonding which is equivalent to mom's breastfeeding.


The mom-to-be who wants a natural childbirth and want to feel confident and really well prepared, both mentally and physically, for every type of pregnancy and labor eventuality.


The first time mom-to-be, who feels desperately nervous, and full of fears about the unknown experience of giving birth, and needs help to clear out negative thoughts, feelings and emotions ready for a positive birth experience that she and her loved ones will cherish.


The mom-to-be who has suffered a difficult previous birth experience and wants to take active steps to change the experience with this forthcoming birth, into something relaxed, intimate and beautiful.

The mom-to-be who wants to be well-informed about her, and her partner’s options, during labor; have a relationship of mutual respect with their care-provider; and who want to have the shortest, most comfortable birth possible, and want to avoid a flood of interventions.

The mom-to-be who will fully commit to the sessions, will commit to working with her baby, using visualization, NLP, guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm, and comfort.

Whether it’s your first baby, your sixth baby, whether you’ve had a VBAC, whether you want a home-birth, hospital birth, Midwife assisted, Doctor assisted… whatever you’ve planned (or haven’t yet!) you have the power to create the birth of your dreams.

and the best part?

It’s a total one-stop shop, you’ll find everything you need, (and more that you didn’t know that you needed!) in one place for the pregnancy and birth you deserve. 

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We have no words to describe how grateful we are to her, our “birthing coach” as we affectionately like to call her. Had she not prepared me physically, emotionally and intellectually for the marathon that a natural birth is - had she not been present from beginning of labor till the very end... there is no way we’d have had the kind of birth we had: a totally un-medicated, intervention-free birth in a hospital, which occurred in water, as it was planned and hoped for.

We hear birth stories from friends all the time, and it seems they all say “Thank God we were at the hospital, because things didn’t go as planned and we had to induce/do an epidural/a cesarean.” Our story is pretty much the opposite: “Thank God we had a doula. Thanks to her, we were able to get our dream birth and follow our plan, DESPITE the fact we were in a hospital.”

We cannot recommend Marie-Paul enough. Her expertise, her dedication, her passion for the birthing process and her empathy make her a dream partner in this wonderful and unique adventure. She makes sure that a woman gets the most out of the experience and helps her discover how unlimited her strength and will power are; that the baby is welcomed without violence and trauma; and that the precious bonding between the parents and the baby happens the way it had to be. She helps the father be a part of the process and understand his role in it, and not be a passive, helpless observer, so he knows how to benefit from the bonding experience right away even though he doesn’t have breast milk! What else can one ask for?
— Clara Bellar and Gulu Monteiro, Actress and Actor


There are three pillars to my program: Pregnancy and birth preparation, the labor and birth, and the special intimate hours after birth.

Let’s take a closer look.


My EasyBirthing + Doula Immersion program all begins with the preparation during pregnancy. This preparation is broken down into five powerful sessions, which are conducted either at my office, or at your home. Alongside my one-to-one personalized sessions, you will receive my library of training jargon-free materials, videos and tips to assist you from the start to finish (and beyond!) including:


✔ Easy-To-Follow Communication Exercises [for mom, for mom + baby, for dad + mom and baby.]

✔ A Powerful Birth Plan [that will be respected and followed by your care providers]

✔ Personalized and Tailored Recordings of Hypnosis Sessions Crafted To The Unique Needs Of Client Mom-To-Be

✔ Unlimited Personal Support Via Telephone + Email To Answer All Your Questions & Troubleshoot Challenges When You Need It Most.

✔ Actionable Session Content, Blueprints, Cheatsheets

✔ Implementation Checklists, Streaming Videos

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How to give your sweet baby the best possible start in your womb, and at his or her birth. Learn how you and your partner can communicate with your baby, and deeply bond together, as well as help your baby’s development before, and after the birth.


The A-Z of empowering and enlightening your partner, and giving him the warrior base of knowledge and tools, so that you can work together in birthing your beautiful baby together, producing deeper bonds and attachment, not only through labor and delivery, but beyond. #BestBirthingPartnerEver


We will together work to pinpoint any fears, concerns and anxiety you maybe dealing with or holding onto, and then clear out those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions; I will then help you shed your mind of any conscious and sub-conscious negative habits, attitudes and patterns ready for a positive birth experience that you, and your loved ones, will cherish. [Think: first time moms feeling overwhelmed; mamas with previous difficult birth.]

I will teach you how to use visualization, NLP, guided imagery and deep relaxation techniques to eliminate any fear and tension that causes long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm, and comfort, as well as combined techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable labor for both you and baby. #EasyBirthing


I will teach you the powerful tools to create and control your body's own natural anesthesia response reducing your pain and allowing you to fully experience the joy and beauty of your child's birth. #IntensityNotPain

I will coach you on incredible deep relaxation methods to ease birthing contractions that can speed up this stage of your labor- so you and your partner get to meet your beautiful baby faster. [Hint: it can shorten first stage of labor by several hours.]


I will teach you to focus within and connect with baby to facilitate the process of giving birth, working with your baby in tandem, in a loving gentle way, that will have you consciously enjoying the miracle of your birth. (Plus, reduce the risk of tearing- a win-win!)

I will walk you through everything you need to understand, as well as map out everything you need to know (as well as be well informed on in ‘conventional procedures’ and ‘advice’ that should be avoided) during your pregnancy. [Think: looking after yourself, and baby. Foods, relaxation, exercises and little hacks for comfort, and extra energy.]


I will share with you everything you must know about birthing, including due date stress and unnecessary induction (no so good if done too early on), and how to ensure there is no trauma to your baby no matter what happens at the birth. #LovingPreparationIsKey

I will share with you the A-Z on what newborn procedures can wait while you (your partner, and other children if you have them) bond with your thriving baby for his or her best possible start in this world- mind, body and soul. [Did you know that 60% of a newborn’s brain cells migrate, depending on their experience, to either the higher brain, or the fight - flight side of the brain? What you do within the two hours after birth is incredibly important for your baby.]


I will coach you on the best strategies to follow in looking after your new-born baby over the next weeks to give him or her the greatest start in life, as well as protect your little one from all sorts of conditions, as well as Sudden Death Syndrome, and that will help you have the easiest, in sync baby, who will work with you in beautiful tandem.




 I will be on call for you 24/7 two weeks prior and after your due date- just in case!

 I will be able to help support and advice you in any challenges that might occur prior to your birth, especially if you’re planning a home birth, such as pressure from your birth team to induce, or a health concern. [See Claudia Reisenberger’s birth story and testimonial.]

 I will be your, and your partners advocate, as necessary, from pregnancy through giving birth.


 I will be there right by your side with continuous, uninterrupted support using deep relaxation method to ease pre-birthing contractions, as well as skillfully combined techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable labor for you.

I will be there to help you through each state of labor with the right nifty hacks and techniques to keep labor progressing smoothly and comfortably.

 I will be there to massage you, use pressure point techniques, and other strategies to reduce intensity of contractions where needed.


If needed I will help in re-position baby during labor (so you give birth faster and more comfortably), and where necessary use my strategy to kick start labor, or reverse a stalled labor and bring your baby right down.

I will be your partner’s support, and guide, in helping you have the most comfortable, joyful and safe birth.

If things don’t go to plan (Yes, sometimes babies have their own story apart from yours), I will provide you with the information, support and council to help you, and your partner, make an informed, empowered decision in the moment. [You will know what the pros and cons are on all that is offered to you within the process of birthing your baby- all evidence based.]

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I will remain with you, side-by-side after the birth to support and assist you, … and be your and your baby’s advocate to ensure total bonding and attachment with you and daddy.


I will help create and protect the safest environment immediately after birth and ensure that you are undisturbed and able to enjoy skin to skin cuddles for enhanced bonding of mother, baby, and birthing companion. [ I will assist daddy with the tools to create mammal bonding which is equivalent to mom's breastfeeding.]

I will assist with initial latch and breastfeeding (Amazing fact: the nipples secrete oils that smell like amniotic fluid and your baby uses this smell on his/her hands to find food- this is the reason why you place baby immediately on your tummy or chest as soon as your little one is born-- and definitely shouldn’t bathe them.)

You have waited nine months to meet each other, this incredible and precious moment is to be enjoyed and celebrated, I will do everything in my power to protect and guard this special time for you and your family.


In short, I will cover everything you need to know to have the happiest, stress-free, pregnancy and birth, with you having that feeling of being in charge at all times throughout (your understanding and informed decisions create that space and at all times you remain in charge of your state of mind and heart so that at no time is your power given away). I will be giving you an understanding of medical jargon, so you, and your partner, can make informed decisions; and lastly ensuring that you experience the fastest post-birth recovery, with radically reduced chances of post-partum depression, so you and your partner can focus on your beautiful baby.

Your baby has memories of his or her life in utero.

Your baby will have a blueprint of his own life story to unfold based on his utero’s life and birth experience.



Your baby shares your emotional experiences.

Your baby’s brain neuronet determines his behavior after birth and lays the foundations for his or her personality, emotional temperament, and the powers of higher thought.

Your baby can feel, hear, smell, taste and see in utero.


Your baby’s utero experience affects his or her brain’s shaping neuronet (The brain’s potential power to create one’s life experiences). Think: the way we learn, see, language, interaction, emotional intelligence…)


Your baby has memories of his or her life in utero.

Your baby will have a blue print of his own life story to unfold based on his utero’s life and birth experience.


YOU do have the POWER to create your perfect birth, and I will be there, shoulder to shoulder, hand-in-hand with you, through pregnancy and birth, to create your perfect state of mind to make it happen.


Are YOU ready to do the BEST for your baby, harness YOUR birthright and step into your POWER?

What about having a calm, happy, healthy, natural birth with twins?

You betcha!

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Marie-Paul is a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated birth doula. She tirelessly works with a birth couple to support their desired birth experience. She is also one of the most experienced Childbirth Hypnosis Instructors. We welcome Marie-Paul in our Birth Suites at California Hospital any day!

I have seen Marie-Paul work her magic with the use of hypnosis for labor and childbirth. She brings confidence and calmness to the birth couple who respond with complete relaxation empowered to embrace their experience fully. Marie-Paul intuitively guides her couples through labor and birth summoning up their strength and exploring ways to connect throughout the birthing process. They feel safe and supported.
— Betsy Jenkins, CNM, MPH Private-Midwifery Care at California Hospital
Thank you once again for my childbirth hypnosis training. As you know, I am a licensed clinical social worker with a background in guided imagery and relaxation. I am also a certified childbirth instructor and have been teaching childbirth education in a hospital setting for 13 years. My interest in hypnosis for childbirth developed out of my many years of experience in working with women who even after education, still had fears about pain in childbirth. The fears seem to override their confidence in their ability to birth and their trust in the natural process of birth. I wanted something more to offer women so they could make birth an empowering experience that not only creates a wonderful experience but a strong foundation and connection to their baby and their parenting ability. I believe the birth experience is an important passage for women and has a profound impact on her life experiences in the future. The difference between a woman choosing to birth her baby rather than an experience she feels she needs to endure or be numb for affects her future relationship with her baby and those around her.

The rewards from a positive experience last a lifetime.

Marie-Paul was able to teach me the missing pieces I needed to feel confident that I could in turn give women the skills they need to make a positive birth experience. She has been supportive and encouraging over the months we have been communicating and has followed through with every commitment of our work together. Her experience and confidence have been a source of strengths to me. I would recommend her professional expertise and warm caring nature to others interested in this field.
— Cathy S., LCSW Social Worker, Childbirth Educator


 Whether it’s your first baby, your sixth baby, whether you’ve had a VBAC, whether you want a home-birth, hospital birth, Midwife assisted, Doctor assisted… whatever you’ve planned (or haven’t yet!) you have the power to create the birth of your dreams.


You deserve a birth you love.

You were born to do this.

You are everything your baby needs.

You simply need a guide to show you how to empower yourself to have a safe birth where you will be in a serene, confident, and focused state of mind to welcome the birth process in partnership with baby, and within the presence of Dad, who will be a front pillar of strength and safety for you to realize your perfect, blissful birth experience.




The results speak for themselves.


Get All The Support, Skills, Strategies + Tools You Need To Bring Your Dream Birth To Reality…

 … Truly aligned with YOUR strengths, values and lifestyle, wherever you are in your pregnancy journey.


Discover + Experience Your Own Perfect Birth. I’m With YOU Every Step Of The Way.