The Sanctuary -formely called Sacred Entrance Midwifery Services
11965 Venice Blvd., Ste 209
Los Angeles, CA 90066 
Phone: 310-566-7690
The Sanctuary, Birth and Family Wellness Center offers quality prenatal care with an emphasis on safety. Services include pre-pregnancy counseling, prenatal care, birth and parenting classes, home birth, water births, 24/7 postpartum care, well woman gynecology, placenta preparation, and other services.

-Aleksandra Evanguelidi, L.M., CPM & co-owner -Heather Vineland, Co-Owner

"We are proud to include Marie-Paul as part of our team in delivering a full spectrum of services to expectant mothers. Marie-Paul is in tune with what is needed, and can guide a woman into the deep stages of relaxation required for a comfortable childbirth. She helps ensure that labor and delivery are a peaceful experience for mother, baby and birthing companion. We highly recommend Marie-Paul to all of our clients. Marie-Paul brings her peaceful, joyful presence to the delivery room and her amazing techniques of hypnosis to our clients. She helps facilitate a sense of calm and well being during the birth process. We highly recommend the use of Marie-Paul's unique approach to natural childbirth and feel that it blends well with the wholistic midwifery model of care."

-Constance Rock, Licensed Midwife (formely co-owner of Sacred Entrance) -Tai Carson, DEM (formerly co-owners of the Hollywood Birth Center)

Private Midwife Care at The California Hospital
California Obstetrics and Gynecology Services 
Certified Nurse Midwives, Board Certified Obstetricians 
1414 S. Grand Ave., Ste 383 
Los Angeles, CA 90015 
Phone: 213-765-4913

The Private Midwife Care offers water births, quality prenatal care including prenatal and postpartum care in the safety of a hospital. COGS provides personalized midwifery care in a hospital setting for women desiring VBAC, waterbirth. 
COGS is a hospital-based practice which offers sensitive care to women with risk factors such as diabetes, twins, etc. Most insurance accepted. Medi-Cal and cash pricing also available.

-Betsy Jenkins, CNM, MPH -Susan Bogar, CNM-Hilary Casanova, CNM, MSN -Felicia Adiele, CNM-Ruth Mielke, CNM -Pat Chisam, CNM-Susan Smith, CNM  

"Marie-Paul is a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated birth doula. She tirelessly works with a birth couple to support their desired birth experience. She is also one of the most experienced Childbirth Hypnosis Instructors. We welcome Marie-Paul in our Birth Suites at California Hospital any day!
I have seen Marie-Paul work her magic with the use of hypnosis for labor and childbirth. She brings confidence and calmness to the birth couple who respond with complete relaxation empowered to embrace their experience fully. Marie-Paul intuitively guides her couples through labor and birth summoning up their strength and exploring ways to connect throughout the birthing process. They feel safe and supported."

-Betsy Jenkins, CNM, MPH
Private Midwifery Care at California Hospital

Art of Nursing

Phone: 310-990-2662

Art of Nursing has a mission to educate pregnant women and care providers about preventing complications of pregnancy and premature birth. Specializing in providing Midwifery care, Perinatal education & Monitrice Services.

"Marie-Paul is a very experienced hypnotherapist and an expert in the field of chidlbirth. Her unique style has helped many couples gain a sense of calm during their pregnancy, the birth of their babies and then the journey into parenthood. I highly recommend that women find the path that works for them to surrender to the work they need to in order to open and allow the process to unfold in the most natural of ways. Women who have worked with Marie-Paul exhibited a calm relaxed approach to labor and were not fearful of the process.

Marie-Paul helps in her own style of hypnotherapy to guide you to trust your intuition and be prepared for birth".

-Amy Tienney, CPM, LM, RN 
Founder of Art of Nursing

TLC Midwifery and Women's Health 
1122 S. Robertson Blvd., suite #17
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: 310-278-6333

TLC Midwifery and Women's Health; affectionately called TLC - home births and well woman care, Paps, physicals, family planning, emergency contraception etc... and of course childbirth classes at the Golden Bridge.

-Davi Khalsa, CNM, 
Childbirth Educator at the Golden Bridge

Midwife-Home Birth Service
3959 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite A
Studio City, CA 91604 
(818) 760-6541

Prenatal/Postpartum Care
Certified Nurse Midwife, Well Woman Gynecology, Family Planning, Cervical Caps, Home Birth, Water birth

-Leslie Stewart, Certified Nurse Midwife -Catherine Williams, Licensed Midwife

Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children -1999-2009 
The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
901 Preston Ave., Suite 400
Charlottesville, VA 22903-4491

Our mission, in concert with a growing number of affiliates, is to champion a culture of compassionate individuals, families, and communities who have fun with, learn from, and responsively and lovingly interact with children. We accomplish this by providing guidance about consciously conceiving, birthing, and nurturing children.

This website is itself newborn, evolving rapidly, and dedicated to the synergistic marshalling of resources and connections to support parents, caregivers, professionals, and policymakers in practicing the art and science of nurturing children.

Recognizing that our world is facing unprecedented challenges, we gather and disseminate wisdom from many different cultures, recommend standards, and inspire research. Together with our affiliates, we promote innovative and progressive educational programs, services, products, and public policies that are committed to transforming the lives of children.

Serving as an umbrella organization for its affiliates, aTLC is supported by an internationally recognized Board of advisors, generous Contributors, and a growing list of endorsers.

Please explore and make use of what is offered here, and support our common vision and mission in whatever ways you feel moved.

We invite you to join us in honoring, celebrating, and transforming the lives of our children, our families, and our communities. Together we can begin to heal our world.