Claudia was recently filmed and will be broadcasted on NBC's Life Moments giving birth and using Marie-Paul's hypnosis training techniques.

“Having Marie-Paul present at the birth was really helpful—she has this way of knowing exactly what you need right before you realize you need it! Knowing she’s taking such good care of you allows you to focus so much better on what you need to focus on. It’s so helpful to have someone there besides family and friends who is so knowledgeable and whose sole goal is to provide you with support and encouragement.

Marie-Paul made me a relaxation tape to use at home, but it was so relaxing that I’d often fall asleep! When I had contractions, the hypnosis training really helped me relax into them rather than tensing up.

I am a Psychologist, so I knew that hypnosis wasn’t about a swinging stopwatch on a chain or someone controlling your mind. I decided to try it because I wanted to work one-on-one with someone, learn to have more self-control and also to manage the pain. 

This is my first birth, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But I know that I was able to carry on a conversation for most of it. I felt focused when I was pushing and I never felt out of control. One of the midwives even told me I was a childbirthing machine!”