“When I first became pregnant, I was terrified by the idea of actually going into labor and giving birth. I wasn’t really joking when I would say to people that I wanted to be knocked out and not awakened until the baby had actually arrived.

I knew that I would give birth in a hospital and that I would have the option of receiving pain medication practically as soon as I was admitted. But deep down I also knew that my attitude was probably not the best way to approach the birth of my child and that I owed it to myself and my baby to try to deal with my fears.

I was fortunate that a friend led me to Marie-Paul Baxiu. I was extremely skeptical, but I started meeting with her during my fifth month of pregnancy. She is truly amazing. Marie-Paul has a gentle and loving way of bringing you face to face with your fears and helping you push through them. Each week she led me through deep meditations that were enormously calming. She helped me to focus and to really connect with my developing baby until almost without realizing it, my fears were transformed into a real joy and excitement at the impending arrival of my child.

When it was time to deliver my daughter, Marie-Paul was at my side. She stayed with my husband and I, and kept me peaceful and relaxed. I’m not going to say it wasn’t painful. Still, what truly amazed me was how there were times when I would almost fall asleep between contractions. I honestly believe her presence and the combination of meditation and hypnosis techniques allowed me the strength to work through most of labor. I did not request an epidural until an hour before my daughter was born, a far cry from my initial belief that I would be completely drugged for the entire experience. I also know that my labor was as short as it was (less than 6 hours) because of Marie-Paul.

If you have chosen to give birth in a hospital, I cannot recommend enough that you work with Marie-Paul and have her with you during labor. She will be your advocate and help you stay focused and present in a medical world that can easily get more than a little hectic.

I was fully aware and present for the birth of my daughter and I actually have happy memories of my labor experience – certainly something I never thought possible. I will always be grateful to Marie-Paul for giving me that gift.”