“When I met Marie-Paul at the Golden Bridge yoga center during one of my prenatal yoga classes, I had already gone through one successful pregnancy and was fortunate enough to have had a happy healthy baby through natural childbirth. I wanted my second pregnancy to go as well as my first, but this time, I was expecting twins! I felt I needed extra support.

As a result of the Childbirth Hypnosis Training, I was able to remain calm and centered not only during my labor and delivery but also throughout my third trimester, which was a challenge. I was required to go on bed rest all day—I could only spend two hours a day in a standing position. Because of my special circumstances, Marie-Paul graciously offered to come to my home for some of the training.

Due to the fact that I was pregnant with twins, I wasn't expected to carry the babies full term—yet through the hypnosis training with Marie-Paul, I developed an ability to relax. I carried my babies 37 weeks and as a result, they were fully developed and almost 6 pounds each!

My labor went amazingly fast, and my whole concept of time was suspended. I entered into a kind of trance-like state which made the time seem to pass more quickly. Although I could feel my contractions, they seemed far off and not even one fourth as uncomfortable as the contractions of my first birth. Moreover, both of my children were quiet and active throughout the process, and remain that way to this day. I really believe that the CHT contributed to their being calm and quiet. I highly recommend Childbirth Hypnosis Training to mothers at any stage of pregnancy.

I would also recommend Marie-Paul to help fathers-to-be. My second labor and delivery experience was so much easier for my husband, because I was calm and didn't seem at all uncomfortable. I was actually able to sleep through most of my contractions and as a result, my husband was able to sleep also. I was more in charge of the birth process and knew how to handle the contractions, so he didn't have to feel nervous or anxious trying to help me “come down,” which was his experience with our firstborn. All in all, it was a joyful, and stress-free childbirth experience for all of us.”