“My mother had led me to believe that pregnancy and birthing as well as raising children are pleasurable, trouble-free, enriching experiences. So all through my pregnancy I continued working 16-hour days and weekends. I told everyone at my job that I was going to work until the day of my son's birth! I wanted to spend every day of my maternity leave with him outside of my belly.

Although I went on hour-long morning hikes, ate healthy food and was optimistic, it became obvious to me that I needed to find a way to get in touch with my body and my instincts and really LIVE through this precious time that was my pregnancy. 
I wanted help in getting focused on what was happening-the everyday miracle.

I had a good feeling about Marie-Paul from when I first listened to her guide our birthing class through a pain management exercise. She was so calm and so markedly sensible. I gave her a call and we totally hit it off. I found the support I needed. We had five sessions. At each meeting we would talk about what my expectations were: my fears, hopes and frustrations. She would then take me under hypnosis, which seemed to me like a guided meditation where I was able to relax completely without losing my sense of absolute awareness.

When she brought me back, I felt like weights had been lifted off my shoulders that I hadn't even known were there. It felt like I had touched the core of my SELF. And so we talked about the birth of my son: how I wanted to work up until the day he was born, how I wanted labor to be fast and for him to "pop out like an olive."

I visualized the experience and discovered what was important to me; details such as that I didn't want to cut the cord immediately, that I wanted to be alone in the birthing tub, etc.

I realized I was in labor at 4 am and my baby boy was born at 9 am. It was incredible. The pain was not something I could've ever imagined. In the moment, 
I felt like I was in a trance, yet some part of me knew exactly what to do because he did pop out like an olive! Those were the most intense and rewarding few hours I have ever been through. Now I know the power of motherhood.”