“I started seeing Marie-Paul about seven weeks before my due date. I was glad to meet her at this time in my pregnancy because the idea that I was actually becoming a mother soon was starting to be tenable and I had growing anxieties about the birth process. But Marie-Paul's hypnosis technique helped me address my fears and reinforce the feeling that I was actually in control of what was about to happen.

In the final days of my pregnancy, things became a little more hectic than I had anticipated. I developed a medical condition and all my plans for a natural home birth seemed in question. It was necessary to induce labor as quickly as possible. Because I wanted to avoid the necessity of going to the hospital and inducing with hormones, my midwives gave me the option of trying a number of natural methods but I was completely overwhelmed at the prospect.

Although I had not planned on asking Marie-Paul to attend my birth, in my despair I asked her to help us through it. Marie-Paul immediately changed her plans in order to support us. Over the next two-and-a-half days and nights she stayed with us, working on relaxation techniques to help control my medical condition, and supporting us as we worked on the procedures to naturally induce labor.

After all this hard effort, the actual birth process was surprisingly easy. Within only a few hours of the onset of labor, our beautiful daughter, Luisa, was born in our home without any medical intervention. Joel, my husband, and Marie-Paul were both supporting me by holding my body through these hours of intense labor.

Having two pairs of hands to hold me helped me release the pressure that was building up with each contraction. Marie-Paul was a great supporter and she was very sensitive to all my needs.

The hypnosis sessions beforehand and Marie-Paul's actual presence and encouragement through the birth helped me to cope with the unknown experience of giving birth. Both Joel and I are sincerely grateful for the generous support Marie-Paul granted us."