Too Easy to Be True

I'm sorry it has taken so long to get word out to everyone. Nathaniel (aka "Nate") was born on Thursday, July 17 at 3:40pm. He was 9 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long and is very peaceful. He has had a little trouble sleeping so far. He loves to sleep, however the midnight to 3am time seems to be his favorite wakeful period :( Oh well, we are adapting).

Diane from Hollywood Birth Center helped me deliver him along with Roger. Roger was behind me in the water tub and Diane helped catch Nate. It was wonderful. In fact, the other midwife (Andrea) wanted to go home earlier in the day because she didn't feel like I was as far along as I was due to the fact that I was handling the contractions so well. They said I looked completely calm and she didn't really think that the baby would be born until the next day because she felt my labor (which never was consistent in terms of contractions) were progressing enough to be that serious.

Anyway, it took from 10 pm Wednesday night until 3:40 Thursday afternoon, but I did it! Thank you so much for your help. It made it so much easier and richer and experience.

Now I just need to be able to juggle two little boys at once!

Jennifer & Roger Anderson