The creation of my birth experience made through my own mind!

My experience with Hypnosis for Childbirth:
My 1st child, I didn’t really know what to expect in labor. I was excited but also somewhat apprehensive and fearful.

The hypnosis for childbirth training gave me the experience of using tools that helped me to focus in on my center and to tune in and connect with the child, to stay together and to stay relaxed. The hypnosis helped to give me a place to focus onto. I created the birth experience that I wanted through visualizations, and it happened.

He is a happy well-dispositioned baby, calm, relaxed, alert and responsive.

I later continued to use the tools of hypnosis for childbirth in the early weeks of nursing, when we were figuring out our style and routine. I used the relaxation techniques frequently and I use them still with other situations that come up.

Heidi Zin