No Medication Needed

I just wanted to let you know that I had the baby! Zachary Collin Atkinson was born at 11:25am on February 12, 2005, weighing 8lbs 1oz! and measuring 21 inches. The whole birth went wonderfully and everyone was very impressed. It was not painless, but everyone says I did not look like I was in labor at all, and I was well able to cope with the pain without the help of any medication.

Zachary happened to turn anterior the morning of the 11th, and at around noon I began having very mild contractions. By 4pm or so I was pretty certain I was actually going into labor, especially as I'd lost my mucus plug that morning. At 1am the contractions were close enough and long enough that Diane came over, and at 2am she checked me...she thought from how I was acting that I was probably 2 or 3 cm, but I was 5 cm, so we headed to the hospital. At the hospital the nurses were very helpful and respectful, (although they wouldn't take our word for anything and of course had to check for themselves, but that was fine), and I continued coping with the contractions, staying as relaxed as possible, and sometimes drifting off a little in between. At 11 am my ob checked me, and I was pretty much complete so we decided to try pushing. It took about 5 minutes for them to be ready for me to push, and 20 minutes later Zachary was out! The pushing phase was not so relaxed, but I'm thrilled it was so short!

He's very healthy and very good...only cries when there's a reason...we're back at home and getting the hang of breastfeeding, as well as all the other stuff....when and where to sleep, diaper changing, gas, etc. He is super darling and adorable!

Anyway, thank you so much for all your help in preparing me. Despite my not doing my homework as religeously as I ought to have, it worked for me. 

Take care,
Melissa Atkinson, 
Ballroom Dancer