Grace While Giving Birth

I gave birth to my first child at age 39. She was 9 lbs., 6 oz., 22" and born vaginally, without drugs or need of sutures. The pain, which others had warned me of, was never as bad as my worst fear of it. In fact, during the most challenging parts of labor, I was able to "ride" my contractions and get beneath the pain. The midwives attending the birth weren't sure what stage I was at because I was not reacting in a manner they were used to (i.e.: totally out of control). 

Friends who attended perceived me as a warrior woman and called me their "hero" after witnessing the delivery. All said they were amazed at my "grace" while giving birth. I won't say there was no pain at all but my ability to cope with it would not have been possible without my work with Marie Paul. 

Not only did she use her skillful hypnosis for childbirth techniques, she also counseled me with great wisdom and compassion about my relationship with the baby's father and introduced me to the Hollywood Birth Center where Anastasia was born. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is clearly a soul who has found her life purpose and, gratefully, shares it through her work with others.

Terese Poiron,
Web Designer