Natural childbirth utilizing hypnobirthing is an extraordinary adventure—an opportunity for celebration and delight as you joyfully welcome your newborn into the world.

You, too, can experience childbirth happily and comfortably—
the way it was meant to be. Childbirth Hypnosis Training (CHT) utilizes relaxation, NLP, guided imagery, child birth education, promotes a shorter labor, prepares you for a joyful, stress-free birth by releasing the fears, anxieties and tensions that can lead to unnecessary complications and pain.

“I held my daughter close to me as soon as she came out—it was such a beautiful, intimate and touching moment to share with my husband, who was able to be as present as I was in that peaceful, loving experience...”
Q and A with Marie-Paul Baxiu, C.C.H, C.H.I., I.C.E., Birth Coach leading hypnotherapist and founder of Childbirth Hypnosis Training. Marie-Paul is known for her warm and loving approach to childbirth hypnosis…

Research has proven that emotions have a powerful effect on us at a cellular level, and a mother’s emotions profoundly impact her baby as well. Reducing stress and fear is a wonderful way to give your child a better start...


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